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Mobile Review Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

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Mobile Review Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite - Everything You Need To Know About A Mobile Phone!

In recent years, companies have been trying to imitate and design uniformly without the least innovation by relying on competitors. Recently, the design of the screen has grown, with the use of screen controls and gestures, New from Xiaomi, where comes with a screen of notch with a back gradient in color is excellent so you'll find a phone Xiaomi Mi 8 LiteWhich first appeared at Huawei, where the tinted glass covers several colors in the back and converges on the edges with the metal frame of the phone and is also reflected with the arrival of the latest Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite phone at a low price with basic features and features you will not find in any phone Another example is the arrival of the phone with the powerful Snapdragon 660, which is available on phones much higher than the phone price, such as the Nokia 7 plus and the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018. It is best to find this processor in a phone but at a much lower price with the durability and quality of glass manufacturing To give the form of phones falaj the most expensive price You will not feel when you use the phone as cheap at all.

In addition to the dual rear camera where we found that the second camera is not to approximate the optical even twice as in the phone Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, where the second camera function in this phone is to increase the details of the picture and better background isolation but find a phone in this category is shooting 4K At 30 frames per second, let us know the other advantages and disadvantages of Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, whether it is worth buying or whether there are other phones better than the next.

Open the tray: -

The phone box comes in a rectangle box with the MI logo on the right side on the top and the name of the phone in the middle of the case with a distinctive shape and color of the case. It also comes with more than two colors for the back of the phone. When you open the case you will find the Mi 8 Lite, Its contents are as follows:

instruction manual :

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite phone. 
The USB cord comes with a Type C port. 
A transparent back pouch to protect the back of the phone. 
The charger is powered by 2 mA and does not support fast charging. 
An extension to the USB Type C port for the 3.5 mm headphone port. 
A metal pin to open the connector port and the external memory card.

the design:-

Although the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is part of the Xiaomi Mi 8 series, the phone comes in a different design. For example, the back camera will come in a horizontal rather than a vertical shape, but the phone comes with the same quality and durability as the Mi 8 Lite With a metal frame that comes brilliantly and the 2.5-degree glass is incorporated to give a more beautiful and better shape. The company has announced the plastic cover for the four edges of the screen with a Corning Gorilla Glass version 5 protection.

What's more, the phone comes in 7.5 mm thick to be the thinnest phone with the same screen and battery available in the phone except for the phone Oppo R15 thinner and because of the phone weight of 169 grams The phone is very light in pregnancy and use Despite the large phone screen you will find that you can reach the top And the bottom of the screen while using it with one hand and yet we found that the phone is not slippery while holding it like other phones that come with glass.

You will find a front screen in the form of notch and the nut contains the front camera and the call headphone and the alarm bulb over the headphone call with proximity sensors and automatic brightness, the back of the phone will look shiny and reflective too because of the layer of glass and you will find the dual camera back, which comes horizontally and prominent back The phone and the flash with the fingerprint sensor, which we found to be easy to access while using the phone with the logo of the company "MI" at the back of the phone.

On the top, you will find the volume control and volume control buttons as well as the power button to control the opening and closing of the display and the phone, and from the left the slot of my slide Or a SIM card.

the screen :-

The screen is small but not as small as the OPPO F9 and OnePlus 6T but it is smaller than the size of the notch we recently saw on the phones and you can hide the noise from the settings. The screen also comes with 6.26 inch IPS LCD with 1080 HD resolution. Pixels at a density of 403 pixels per inch and offers 19: 9 aspect ratio and approximately 82.5% of the front end.

But the AMOLED screen did not come with its older brother, Mi 8 Pro. The company looked at the LCD screen with enough resolution to saturate the colors and sharpness in the text display, where you will find that many details, colors and viewing angles from the angles of the screen will look very good, On more than one mode you can switch and choose between them as you wish. As for the brightness under the sun, the screen is clear to the vision and offers better brightness than the screen of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S and Honor Play.

Shaomi also claims that there is a fifth-generation gorilla protection on the screen, but we recommend that you install a protective adhesive for the screen.
Networking and Communication: -

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite comes with two SIM-Nano connections and supports all existing networks, even the latest 4G networks. For Wi-Fi, the phone supports all the available frequencies of a / b / g / n / ac as well as support for dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot, Wi-Fi Display with Bluetooth version in the latest version of the fifth version with the A2DP, LE, and the USB port comes port Type C with its support for OTG but unfortunately the 3.5 And the infrared port of the control of the electrical devices have been abandoned. Delivers fast and accurate image and locates with accuracy.

Cameras: -

The rear camera of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite comes with a dual camera. The first 12mega pixel camera comes with an F / 1.9 lens with a 1.4μm Sony IMX363 sensor. The phones using this sensor are Xiaomi Mi 8 and Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S. With a 5mega pixel camera with an F / 2.0 sensor with a 1.12μm SAMSUNG S5K5E8 sensor with a LID mono flash. The secondary camera works with the main camera when you shoot portraiture. The camera works efficiently to identify the sides, especially if there is high light and a light. Lite 8 able to recognize 238 scenes and improve image action thanks to the memory Artificial.

The front camera comes with a 24mega pixel camera with an F / 2.2 F / 2.2 sensor with a Sony IMX 576 sensor. The sensor has a 1.8-megapixel camera size for the front camera and uses a 4-by-1 pixel to merge color information and create 4 pixels in just one pixel to give a better picture Colors and Details The front camera supports the ability to unlock the phone via Face Unlock and we find it very fast. The front camera supports the AI Smart Beauty 6.0 beauty mode with support for HDR mode.

The cameras provide excellent images in high light, light and the images were saturated with color and detail in a large way and portraits work as high resolution as the Note 6 Pro, but the front camera has to be high light to give pictures of quality and accuracy with excellent details in larger and low-light images will be acceptable, Noise and more noise.

As for video recording in the phone, the phone has an electronic EIS stabilizer and supports video shooting with 4K resolution of 2160 pixels, capturing 30 frames per second, shooting 1080 pixels at 30, 60 and 120 frames per second, and 720 240 frames per second and you'll find the video performance excellent if lighting is sufficient but in low light and poor you'll find that the quality of the videos began to appear noise and indistinctness significantly.

We found that the EIS electronic fixer does not work in 1080 FHD at a rate of 60 frames per second and does not work at 4K at 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second, but in the rest, you will find that the electronic installer works.

the performance:-

The Mi 8 Lite is one of the best phones in the middle class with a Snapdragon 660 processor with a manufacturing quality of 14nm and is more powerful than the Snapdragon 636 in Note 6 Pro. Overall, the phone will still be able to easily skip daily tasks And running the games without exuberance where the experience of playing the game PUBG in the intermediate settings for Frimat and HD graphics we found it works smoothly but sometimes we found a fall in the Frimat simple.

As for the performance of the phone in performance measurement applications, the phone achieved excellent results with the application of Antutu result 144126 points superior to the following:

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 achieved 139515 points despite the same processor. 
Phone Xiaomi Mi A2 where the result achieved a point despite 133 682 that the same processor. 
The Nokia 5.1 Plus achieved a score of 130614 points. 
Nokia 6.1 Plus with a score of 115,859 points.

The performance of the phone has outperformed Antutu: the 
Honor Play phone with a score of 20,730 points. 
OnePlus 5T with a score of 205,958 points. 
Xiaomi Mi 6 achieved a score of 20,284 points.

In the Geekbench application, the phone achieved 1642 points per core and achieved 5921 points for both nuclei.

The phone has two versions of solid and random memory that will be available in Egypt:

The first version comes with a 64GB hard drive with 4 GB of random memory. 
The second version comes with a 128 GB hard drive with 6GB random memory.

the battery:-

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite comes with a 3350 mA battery and is charged 5 V / 2A. The battery supports the Quick Charge 3.0 charging technology, where the full battery is charged from 0% to 100% within 1 hour 48 minutes via The USB Type-C wire and the attached charger head in the case where we found that the battery is being charged from 0% to 80% within an hour and 9 minutes. From this ratio we found that the charging becomes slower and more after reaching 90% The last 10% requires approximately 28 minutes to charge only. If the battery is charged from 20% to 100%, the battery took about an hour and 20 minutes, and we found A slight temperature heat phone while charging the battery where we found that the largest part of the show to the high temperature in the middle of the upper part of the phone while charging the phone.

As for the durability of the battery, the battery has survived the intense browsing. We found that the battery lasted for 7 hours and 49 minutes and 1080p at 30 frames per second. The battery lasted for 9 hours and 37 minutes and 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second The battery lasted for 8 hours and 3 minutes. In a wide range of games, the battery lasted for 5 hours and 9 minutes. During 10 to 15 minutes on PUBG, we found that the phone battery dropped by 10% with the temperature of the phone battery.

The power saving mode in Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has features to prevent battery depletion. You can block notifications, turn off mobile data, and remove applications from random memory when the phone's screen is locked. The MIUI interface will tell you that you are asleep and the notification screen will not light up and will block Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile, and GPS and will close all background and other applications that you can recognize from the Battery Saver settings to give a longer battery life.