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Realme 2 Review Revealing The Reality Of The Quality Of The New Realme Phones!

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Realme 2 Review  Revealing The Reality Of The Quality Of The New Realme Phones!

Realme is a new company owned by OPPO. The company's publications will be available in the Egyptian markets in the early 2019 and the company will compete with other companies or brands in the economic category. 

The phone to be reviewed is the Realme 2 phones and offers the best possible features at the best possible price, with a large screen 6.2 inches. with the best possible use of the edges with a processor offers medium and good performance and a good camera offers acceptable quality with a battery provides excellent performance with a good range of sensors such as fingerprint And gyroscope.RealMe 2 Pro will be available at the beginning of 2019. We believe that RealMe 2 will be delayed or will not be released to the market and the alternative to this phone. Is the Oppo A3s or the Oppo A7.

Realme 2 Specifications:
  • The phone was released for sale in August 2018. 
  • Dimensions of the phone 156.2 * 75.6 * 8.2 mm. 
  • Phone weight 168 grams with polycarbonate design. 
  • The phone screens come in 6.2 inches with HD PLUS resolution and 271-pixel density with a Gorilla Glass 3 protection layer. 
  • The phone processor is Snapdragon 450 with the Adreno 506 graphics processor.
  • The back camera comes with a quality of 13 + 2 megapixels with an f / 2.2 lens slot with LED flash and 1080p video shooting with 30 frames per second.
  • The Cell Phones Camera comes with an 8-megapixel camera with F / 2.2 lens slot.
  • The phone battery is one of its strengths with a capacity of 4230 MA.
  • The phone supports second, third, and fourth generation GSM / HSPA / LTE networks through two nanotube connections.
  • The fingerprint sensor is available on the phone.
  • The phone is available in 32GB, with 3 GB RAM and 64 GB with 4 GB RAM.
  • The phone supports an extra microphone to remove noise.
  • The phone supports gyroscope sensor and compass. Face recognition is available on the phone.
  •  The phone comes with Android OS Oreo 8.1.
  •  The user interfaces are Color OS 5.1.
  • The phone is available in the market in blue, red and black.
 Features of Realme 2: -
  • The phone battery offers great performance up to two days without the need for recharging.
  •  The phone supports a gyroscope sensor where VR glasses are used. 
  • The phone processor delivers good performance in low-temperature, low-heat, and acceptable graphics. 
  • One of the security factors is a fingerprint sensor. 
  • Both the back and front cameras offered outstanding performance.
  •  The interface supports Clone Apps, which enables you to make two copies of any application.
  •  There is not a big rise in phoning hotness during PUBG. 
  • Face recognition is available to protect your privacy.
  • 6.2 "large screened phones with support for Gorilla Glass 3 protection.
  •  You can install an external memory card in a port separation from the two SIM cards.
  • The phone supports FM radio playback.

Disadvantages of Realme 2: -
  • The phone battery consumes a long time in charging since it does not support fast charging technology and is shipped in 3 hours.
  •  The phone does not contain a warning light and no alerts are shown next to the notch.
  •  The phone boxes do not contain Headphones and are for the next version from abroad. 
  • We do not know whether there will be speakers available for copying the next generation of mobile phones to Egypt.
  •  The phone is made of plastic so it is easy to scratch but hard to break.
  •  The speakerphone is muted when the phone is used horizontally while playing.
  • The phone does not support the IR sensor for controlling homes appliances. 
  • But we want to find the resolution of Full HDH or Full HD + instead of HD +.

The design:-A beautiful and stylish design made entirely of polycarbonate, reinforced plastic with a glossy finish that suggests that the phone is made of metal with a beautiful engraving on the back of the Diamond Cut phone. 
However, be careful as the phone is easy to scratch. * 75.6 * 8.2 mm with a weight of 168 grams.

The front end of the phone has a 6.2-inch screen, the top of which is the 8 megapixel front camera with the call head and the proximity sensor and there is no warning light When the phone's alerts arrive, the phone screens lighted upped and no alerts appeared beside Notch So you should pull out the warning panel to see it.

 The left side of the phone has an access slot for two SIM cards and an external memory card.
 The right side of the phone has the power button to open and close the phone and the volume ups and down buttons. 

Above the phone There is nothing and below the phone, we find the microphone with the speakerphone and a 3.5 mm headphone jack At the top leave of the phone, we find a dual camera with a quality of 13 + 2 megapixels beside the LED flash and in the middle of the back fingerprint sensor and below the company logo realme.
 The phone is available in black, blue and red colors.

The screen:-
The RealMe 2 6.2 "IPS LCD screen features 16 million colors of HD plus resolution with 271 pixel resolution and an 88.8% acquisition of the phone with a few edges around it with 19: 9 dimensions, gorilla glass 3 The screen also supports multi-touch with a medium-sized nut and unfortunately cannot be removed from the setting as for the parties around the screen is good compared to the price of the phone.

 The screen performs well although there are few pixels but does not show with excellent brightness under the sun. 

As for the voice of the phone is high and clear but easy to mute in the case of the use of the phone horizontally as for the performance of the headphone calls they provide good performance and sound so high that if you were in a quiet place will reduce the voices.

The phone also supports an extra microphone to remove noise, which improves sound quality in recording and video.

The performance:-
The phone processor comes from the type Snapdragon 450 works with a frequency of 1.8 GHz with Adreno 506 graphics processor.

 The phone is available in the first two versions Internal memory 64 GB with 4 GB Ram Random memory and the second 32 GB with 3 GB Ram random memory.

 You can increase the internal area of the phone by adding an external memory card up to 256 GB in a separate port from the two SIM cards and is an advantage in the phone.

 The phone recorded about 75,000 points in the Astute test to test the efficiency of the processor and the processor performance is perfect and is characterized by smooth navigation between applications and browsing with good performance in heavy games such as PUBG on the lowest graphics with the hottest acceptable.

 Rear Camera: -
The back camera comes with a quality of 13 + 2-megapixel camera with f / 2.2 lens slot with LED flash and 1080p video shooting with 30 frames per second with Autonomous support and HDR camera panorama support. 

The camera performs very wells in daylight and lighting with clear details and the quality of the insulation is acceptable. 

In low light, the quality is reduced due to the narrow aperture, which does not allow enough light to pass with some pictures.

 As for video shooting is good and vibration is simple and not mentioned where there is an electronic stabilizer to prevent vibration. In the video provided in the last article, you will find photos taken by phone and a video record on the phone to see the cameras' quality more clearly. 

Front Camera: -
The 2MP camera comes with an 8MP camera with F / 2.2 lens slot. 

The camera also supports AI and you can control its work or not. 

The camera provides good performance in high-light, low-light, daytime and night lighting, and having insulation through the software, which gives an acceptable quality compared to the price of the phone.

The battery:-
The challenge of the largest strengths and superiority of the phone comes with a capacity of 4230 MA does not support the rapid charging technology and provides the battery performance of legendary and excellent, where the battery lasted for two days without the need to recharge with the use of mobile data on the mobile and not Wi-Fi and also for about 12 hours screened on the idea that a mobile phone processor with low-resolution HD plus makes the power consumption less.

The battery consumes a relatively long recharge time of three to four hours, but this is acceptable compared to its strong performance. 

When we tried the game for an hour only a quarter consumed about 7 to 8% of the battery. 

Support and communication: -
The phone supports second, third, and fourth generation GSM / HSPA / LTE networks through two nano-type connections.

 As for the phone, it was perfect to pickups the would network even if the signal is weak.

 Available with Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n with WiFi direct and Hotspot enabled.

 The phone supports Bluetooth 4.2. A gyroscope sensor is available on the phone, using VR glasses and watching 360-degree videos. 

The phone supports proximity, speed, compass and light sensors.

 The phone supports FM radio playback and supports GPS with A-GPS support.

The phone does not support the IR sensor for controlling homes appliances.

 Operating system and user interface: -

An Android OS Oreo 8.1 phone is delivered with the Color OS 5.1 user interface. 

The interface has many features and features.

You can control and hide the three control buttons at the same time as you touch the screen from the bottom ups in the right to go backs and in the middle as the HOME button and from the leave to open the Recent apps or use the assistive ball is a circled anywhere in the screen where you touch it once to go back and twice to open the recent apps and long press home.

After the phone experiences, some users may is annoyed by the idea of not showing the alerts that reach the phone at the top of the screen where can I pull the notification panels downs to check the notifications.

 The phone supports Clone apps where can I download two versions of an application such as What's App, Facebook, and Messenger.

You can take a screenshot with three fingers on the screen and you can split the screen into two slides and use two applications at the same time by dragging the screen from top to bottom with three fingers.

For your phone's privacy and security, your phone supports a fingerprint sensor that works very quickly. The phone also supports Face Recognition, which works at an acceptable speed and does not open your phone and your eye is closed.

Phone 2 Rating: -
The phone offers the best places at the best price and is a very strongest competitor. If the Egyptian Inn was the middle class, the mobile is suitable for users whom need a phone with a strong battery that lasts for a long time without concern for recharging and suitable for lovers of basic capabilities in the phone such as a good camera and a quick fingerprint With a good processor and a premium screen.

Phone evaluation of Realme 2: -
The phone has been confirmed not to go out in North African countries and some Arab Asian countries, but it is in India about 150 US dollars for the 64 GB version with 4 GB Ram.