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Review the Samsung A9 2018 with four rear cameras

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Review the Samsung A9 2018 with four rear cameras
Samsung is one of the largest companies in the world, but recently this concept has changed with other companies offering new competitive phones at affordable prices such as the OnePlus 6T and Pocophone F1 for example. We do not know what Samsung plans to compete with these phones. 

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 in the series A to be the first phone in the world with four rear cameras, but is expected to respond to Nokia on the phone with the new Nokia 9 PureView but the cameras in the phone is better because of the number of cameras only Google Pixel 2 excel On many competitors and a Vine camera Yeh only one let us know do you cover cameras in the phone on its performance and its price exaggerated or not?!.

Open the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018:
  •  Head of the shipper.
  •  The USB cable comes from Type C.
  • Samsung Galaxy A9 2018.
  •  Earphone comes in 3.5 mm port.
  •  transparent back pouch to protect your phone from scratches and dirt. And cloning.

Designed by Samsung Galaxy A9 2018:
 When we grabbed the A9 2018 we found that it was much bigger and longer than my Honor Play and Pocophone F1 phone. The phone comes with a similar dimension to the Galaxy Note 9 so it will be impossible to grab it and use it with one hand. 

As for the durability and quality of the phone, The A9 2018 is the first phone in the middle class with the Bixby button, but we found that the worst and we wanted to help Google, it performs tasks better than when we found when using the phone and pressure on the error The button will open the Bixby application directly, but it can Ghaeh and stop but unfortunately you can not use the button to work shortcut for any application other as you want. 

As for the design of the phone in general, you will find it comes with the same design of the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018With the exception of the number of cameras and fingerprint sensor where you will find in front of the front camera with the call headphone and proximity sensors and automatic brightness, and back you will find the back camera Quartet and you will find a little prominent on the back of the phone and the bottom of the monochrome LED and you will find the fingerprint sensor with a specific frame around the sensor, At the end of the back of the phone you will find the word DUOS.

 On the right side, you will find the volume and volume control buttons and the power button to open and lock the phone and the screen.
 On the left side, you will find the Bixby button at the top of the phone. With the extra microphone for noise and noise isolation while talking and using the phone, below you will find the 3.5 mm headphone port as well as the USB port and comes from Type C and you will find a microphone and speakerphone speakers next to it.
The screen: 
The Samsung A9 2018 Super AMOLED screen is 6.3 inches with 1080p / 2220 pixel FHD + at a density of 393 pixels per inch. A9 2018 is better than Huawei Mate 20But it is worse than the OnePlus 6T for the density of pixels and the screen offers 18.5: 9 aspect ratio with a degree of bending to 2.5 aspects of the screen to appear more beautiful screen colors are excellent and automatic brightness is good and responds quickly in all circumstances Super AMOLED screens are currently placed in modern phones You will find that it has been defaulted to adaptive mode to produce attractive colors without having to change the settings.

 You can also edit and choose from three other modes. 

Samsung also launches Infinity Display on this screen, but there are still large edges at the top and bottom.

Level of the surface P better than OnePlus screen 6T external visibility under the sun better than light also as you will also get to put the Always on display to show you the time, date, battery level, and notices that are not answered That situation is very useful and something that loses most of the competitors because of the screen type.

Networking and Communication: 

The Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 comes with two SIM-Nano connections and supports all the available networks. It supports the second generation 2G, the third generation 3G and the 4G 4th generation. The speed of the data connection comes with the LTE-A Cat 9 so that it can download 450 In addition to support for dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot, Wi-Fi Display with Bluetooth version with the latest version of the fifth version With the A2DP, LE, and the USB port comes the port of the latest type, comes from the Type C and supports the OTG also distinctive that Samsung decided to celebrate J port 3.5 mm special ear speakers, while the identification of the geographical location of the GPS navigation system, thereby acting in the phone quickly and excellent where specify the location with high accuracy where the navigation systems GLONASS, BDS supports. 

The camera:

The camera comes with four rear cameras. The first 8-megapixel camera comes with an F / 2.4 lens for the Ultra Wide camera, the second camera comes with 10 megapixels with an F / 2.4 lens slot, supports optical zoom without losing image quality, and the camera is dedicated to TelePhoto.

 The third is the basic camera for the phone and comes with 24 megapixels with the F / 1.7 lens and the fourth and last camera comes with 5 megapixels with the F / 2.2 lens slot for insulation and portraiture. 

As for the performance of the cameras, they perform well but are still not exceptional like competitors, you will find that the picture is very good and the details are very clear and isolation and the work of the excellent but also but only in the case of sufficient lighting or capture under the sunlight directly, Samsung said that the phone in low light will combine 4 pixels according to the technology Pixel-binning technology to improve the image to be better, but for actual performance, you will find that the cameras are performing poorly, where you will find a great loss in details of the picture and colors and even if you move your hand you will find that the image Shaken D comparison with cameras OnePlus phone 6T found that it offers the best quality in low lighting.

The camera is a single camera with 24-megapixel camera lens f / 2.0 and we found that it offers a performance similar to the phone A7 2018, which we have demonstrated the superiority of the camera Silvi for most competitors and approached the quality of the camera phone for the Oppo F9.

The performance:

The phone comes from the processor of Qualcomm in the middle-class SDM660 Snapdragon 660 14nm technology is the same processor in the phone Redmi Note 7 and Nokia 7 Plus processor provides excellent performance in multiple tasks, we opened more than one application and we moved between them we found that it is The game is designed to enhance the performance of the phone while playing games such as PUBG and you will be able to play games easily in the middle settings, but in the high settings we found a slowdown and fall in the Frimat Significantly as we noted a slight rise in d Heat near the facial fingerprint sensor in the back of the phone, but note that there is a very big difference especially in performance compared with other phones, such as the F1 Pocophone games you will find a processor Snapdragon 845 very big difference in GPU performance.

The phone also has a 128GB hard drive with 6GB of random memory and you'll find 108.9 GB available free space.

The UFS 2.1 comes with a built-in memory card and is installed in a dedicated port. 

As for the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 in performance measurement applications, the phone in the application of AnTuTu 7 achieved a result of 141011 points superior to the following:

 Nokia 7 plus, which reached 140,820 points.
 Phone Realme 2 Pro, which has achieved 128 500 points.
 The Xiaomi Mi A2 reached 130927 points. 

Note that these phones for the same processor similar to the price of the phone all competing phones and even the least superior to him, for example, you will find:

 Phone Xiaomi Pocophone F1 which achieves the result of points 263 165.
 The OnePlus 6T achieves 294,488 points.
 Samsung Galaxy S9 achieves 243861 points. 

the battery:
The battery comes with a capacity of 3800 mA and supports the battery Charging fast But unfortunately the phone does not support wireless charging Unfortunately the battery is fully charged from 0% to 100% in an hour and a half thanks to the fast charging technology supported by the phone As for the actual use of the phone battery A9 2018 The battery lasts for a long time Long and easy to use. We found that while using the phone without Wi-Fi and at least the brightness of the phone screen, the battery lasted for 29 hours and 40 minutes. Using the phone with Wi-Fi for the phone with the lowest brightness, the phone lasted for 11 hours and 29 minutes. Maximum brightness for For the screen, the battery lasted for only 3 hours and 25 minutes, so the battery is superior to my Samsung Galaxy S9 and Nokia 7 Plus, but the battery is superior to the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 and OnePlus 6T.

 Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 problems & features:
1- The weight of the phone is heavy.
2 - the price is exaggerated compared to the competitors.
3- The performance of rear cameras is disappointing in low-light.
4- The edges of the phone are large either the top edge or the bottom edge.
5 - The place of the external speakers is bad and easy to mute when playing games.
6 - Wizard is weak and not competitive compared to other phones at the same price.
7-There is no protection for the phone against water and dust, although my A8 2018 and A8 Plus 2018 support this with an IP68 certificate.
8-While shooting the 4K video, you will find that the phone does not support the EIS or HDR electronic stabilizer. If you want to use it, you will have to reduce the 1080p quality.

 Features of Samsung Galaxy A9 2018:
1. The cameras provide excellent performance in bright and adequate lighting.
2 - Solid and random memory large and sufficient for most of your applications.
3-You can use two SIM cards to connect to an external memory card at the same time.
4- durability and quality of the manufacture of the phone, such as in the leading phones from Samsung.
5-The Super AMOLED screen offers excellent performance even under direct sunlight.
6-The battery offers acceptable performance but is not the largest and best in the price category of the phone.

Rating Samsung Galaxy A9 2018:
Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 comes with its distinctive glass design and gradient colors, its design and quality of manufacture, such as leading phones, even with some minor flaws such as the quad-back camera with an excellent Super AMOLED screen which is rarely found in another competitor for very good performance in terms of Colors and brightness even under the direct sunlight but unfortunately with its excessive price, especially with the middle class processor is located in phones much cheaper to be killing the phone before the beginning where you will find much better phones and offer much stronger performance for example Phone You will find the phone Xiaomi Pocophone F1 comes to compete in the category Medium with Log in Qualcomm's leading private phones with excellent price. 

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 is a very average smartphone and its design is modern and excellent in gradient colors but at its current price, there are much better alternatives in the market. The only selling point of the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 is the four-way back camera with four different lenses to suit All modes of capture The phone combines all the advantages of multiple cameras where you will find it supports the effect of the Bokeh and photography angle is very wide and even the optical convergence is located in one phone However, the phone is not worth buying when it comes to the quality of the camera in the camera you will find it very fast but Where picture quality does not exceed it better than the average camera phone they do not offer the same performance Fallaj Shipp cameras or even at least, generally if you're a fan of Samsung phones will choose unique phone if you want the experience back camera Quartet