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Panasonic introduces two new Lumix S models

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Panasonic  introduces two new Lumix S models 
Following the announcement of Panasonic announced the launch of models Lumix S1R and events during the Lumix S1 Votocana Exhibition of Photography 2018, the company now offers a list of the full specifications of these two models of potential digital cameras equipped with single - lens useless mirrors and CMOS sensor images The full frame measures 35 millimeters.

The new cameras are based on the L-Mount lens stabilization standard, which features a large internal diameter and small dimensions that provide a high level of balance and good focus, to achieve the best performance and size that a single-lens monochrome camera system might offer.

The company is seeking through the Lumix S series to provide cameras capable of producing images with unprecedented levels of accuracy and quality, characterized by a rich chromatic gradation and superior capabilities in color reproduction.

The high-speed auto-focus system with advanced lens control technology, coupled with the new Venus Engine sensor and image processing unit, enables the user to capture high-quality images at sharp focus Every time.

The Lumix S Series cameras feature industry-leading video shooting at 4K and 50/60 fps, as well as ease of use, control and robust design for intense field use and power. Endurance and scalability.
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The Lumix S1R camera features a 47.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and a full frame (36 x 24 mm) without a low-frequency filter (LPF), making it the industry leader in terms of level Precision in the monochromatic monochrome cameras with a full-frame image sensor, allowing the user to create and express perfectly.

This sensor achieves a high signal-to-noise ratio by utilizing the high intensity of light intensities despite a large number of pixels. The Lumix S1R camera has a high-resolution imaging mode for the first time in the single-lens, Which allows you to take 187 megapixel photos.
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The Lumix S1 is equipped with a 24.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor and a full frame (35.6 x 23.8 mm), providing a wide dynamic range and superior performance with high sensitivity, The time of the image taken is due to the adequate optical condensation per pixel.

This camera supports the professional use of video imaging by taking advantage of the amazing expressive capabilities that cameras can provide with the full frame image sensor.

The camera records 4K / 4 / 4K / 4K video streaming and provides a complete reading of 4K pixel signals at 25/30 frames per second To provide beautiful images.

The Lumix S1 is compatible with 4: 2: 2 internal video shooting, 10-bit image quality, 4K resolution at 25/30 frames per second and HDMI output accurately 4K at a rate of 50/60 fps, in addition to the Gamma Curve property, with the code to update the program will be released later in 2019.
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"Based on its leading position in the world of single-lens monochrome cameras, Panasonic has always strived to create new innovations in the field of Panasonic, Technology is seen as a beacon to guide it, and to strengthen its position at the forefront of the sector. "

"Panasonic is committed to delivering unprecedented levels of full-frame camera systems without compromising features that make it the preferred choice for professional photography and video photographers alike. This will help them achieve more success and, more importantly, inspire, encourage and empower more people with the innovative images they create. "
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Panasonic 's Contrast AF Contrast AF system, equipped with DFD technology, underwent several updates in which the company benefited from its expertise in developing a large number of motionless cameras Mirrors, which resulted in the Lumix S1R / S1 providing a more practical and sophisticated system of automatic focus.

The advantages of this system are not only to achieve the highest levels of speed of focus in the sector, but it also provides high levels of tracking performance thanks to the adoption of advanced artificial intelligence technology that recognizes the objectives of mobility accurately without interruption.

Both Lumix S1R / S1 models have the Body IS image stabilization system, which effectively prevents handshake on images.

The combination of the camera's image stabilization system and the Optical Image Stabilization System (OIS), which features the Lumix S lenses, results in a dual image stabilization system that eliminates vibrations Great for high-definition and noise-free images.

The Lumix S1R / S1 also features a solid, sleek design with a three-axis tiltable rear screen with Real View Finder, And high-performance shutter module, to achieve the highest reliability for professional photographers.
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The Lumix S1R / S1 has a wide range of features and leading functions, and enables video recording capabilities for users to record slow motion 4K (50/60 fps) ) And FHD accuracy (at a maximum rate of 150/180 frames per second).
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The camera is equipped with an HDMI-type (A) port, an HDMI cable mounting cradle to prevent annoying cable disconnections at the scene, and a socket outlet 3.5mm speakers and a 3.5mm microphone jack, which supports LINE audio input, allowing audio to be input from an external audio system to produce a more efficient video.

The camera supports the use of the DMW-XLR1 microphone adapter, a port adapter that supports connecting an XLR microphone to record high-quality stereo sound.

This adapter is ideal for applications that add synchronous audio to the movement of the lips and allows the keys dedicated to the body of the camera to control the direct and fast functions required.

The audio jack is switchable between MIC MIC sockets, LINE audio input, and microphone condenser microphone.

Enjoying my camera Lumix S1R / S1 other set of basic features, including adjust the picture style with new style color property, and changing proportions of 65:24 dimensions and Explorer display aspect ratio 2: 1, and the abolition of property shadows, Setting the light gauge beside the new mode of automatic balance of white color, the possibility of connection by Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi network 5 GHz, and many more.