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This is what we know so far! It seems

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This is what we know so far! It seems 

A recent patent has revealed that Apple is planning to develop a retractable iPhone phone. If it does, it seems to be trying to catch up with other smartphone makers, which have already unveiled prototype models for folding phones and are preparing to put them on the market.

Although the design of the patent file is real, the folding iPhone will come with a joint in the middle, allowing the device to be slapped along the lines of traditional mobile phones, such as the Motorola RAZR, which was rumored to be reviving As a folding phone.

While Apple is unlikely to offer a retractable smartphone in the foreseeable future, the 24 images in the patent indicate that the company is working on different designs for a retractable phone.

The patent suggests that the folding Apple phone will include a flexible OLED display, which states: "Flexible screens can be placed on a cover covering the joints." "When you rotate the protective parts of the device for each other, the floppy screen will fold."

The patent, filed by Apple in October 2018, was announced only last week: "It may be possible to configure the joints to allow the flexible screen to fold outward or inside." In one of the drawings, the phone appears folded in the shape of a pyramid, allowing two people sitting opposite to view the screen at the same time.

Although Apple's patent and graphics may not turn into a real product, Apple acknowledges the importance of studying this area, especially after its competitor Samsung, and with the decline in sales of iPhone phones and the need for the smartphone market to revolutionize innovation For the glittering devices it has lost in recent years.