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Durability tests: Watch the Galaxy S10 phone survive to scratch and burning

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Durability tests: Watch the Galaxy S10 phone survive to scratch and burning

One of the famous YouTube channels, specializing in durability tests, subjecting the latest Samsung phone " Galaxy S 10 " Galaxy the S10, the number of tests, including burning and bending, as well as scratching with sharp objects.

JerryRigEverything, known as one of the most "extreme" channels in the durability tests, received the Galaxy S10 and then tested results that confirmed that the device, like its predecessor, the Galaxy S9, had the required durability, except that the fingerprint sensor no longer works after scratching the phone screen To a great extent.

JerryRigEverything began testing with a screen scratch that managed to withstand up to the sixth level of intentional scratching with a sharp metal tool. At level 7, scratches began to appear clearly on the screen, thanks to the Galaxy S10 screen being protected with a Gorilla Glass 6.

Because the phone frame is made of metal with a layer, the scratching of the blade has resulted in the removal of the colored layer only. The back of the phone, which is also protected with a glass of Gorilla Glass 5, carries scratching using the blade, just like the telephone interface.

Although the glass is tilted, unlike the metal or plastic, to break, Jerry Jerry's attempts to bend the device failed, like the Galaxy S9. The protective glass for the front and rear cameras have succeeded in tackling scratching attempts using the blade.

As for the burning test, the Galaxy S10, like its predecessor, was strong enough to withstand the intentional burning of the screen, as the pixels recovered on the screen after being shot for 30 seconds.

Because the most recent feature of the Samsung phone was the fingerprint sensor under the screen, it was tested to work well after being scratched with a sharp metal tool, but after the eighth level of scratching that led to cracks in the glass is no longer working, the channel pointed out that the sensor, The ultrasound did not hold to this level like optical sensors.

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S10, along with three other phones: Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 5G on 20 February, and it is distinguished from the previous generation that it offers a longer screen with the front camera within Screen, as well as other enhancements, such as an increase in front and rear cameras.